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What Is a PLC? A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is a ruggedized digital computer used in industries that have been adapted for controlling manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes included robotic devices, assembly lines, or any activity requiring ease of programming, high reliability, and process fault diagnosis.

RS485 CANopen Gateway Application


1. Industrial automation control system: RS485 CANopen gateway can connect different industrial automation control equipment to realize data exchange ...

CAN Optical Transceiver FAQ


CAN optical transceiver is a CAN gateway converter integrated with CANBUS interface and optical fiber interface, which can transmit ...

What is Analog?


The analog quantity refers to the continuous change of the variable within a certain range. Note that it is ...

What is a digital quantity?


Engineers who often use PLC are familiar with digital and analog IO, so what is digital? According to Wikipedia, ...

What does phase mean?


When we buy a stepper motor, we often see how many phases does this stepper motor have, what does ...