12 Years’ Experience

We have been developing and producing PLC since 2012.

As an electronic technology company, GCAN has developed equipment such as PLCs based on OpenPCS Language, gateways, and bus analyzers. We have recently obtained the authorization to use Codesys, please click here to contact us if you are interested.

Four Factory Warehouses

Support batch OEM, warehouse temperature and humidity are constant.

The product’s LOGO and inkjet information support OEM customization. PLC is a sophisticated electronic instrument. Compared with third-party warehouses whose environment cannot be guaranteed, we prefer to choose self-built warehouses to ensure stable and controllable product quality from the source.

In line with Europe standard

Spot welding machines from Germany to maximize the yield rate.

Product quality is what we have always been concerned about, and we will take every feedback from customers about the product seriously. Each batch of products is compatible with previous, which makes expansion and replacement of modules very easy and standardized.

Our Star Clients

High-quality customers are motivations for the development between us.

We have reached batch supply agreements with many manufacturers to provide services to corporate customers at more favorable prices. For volume supply and cooperative agent agreements, please click here.