Do you know the concept of a programmable gateway, which refers to a gateway device that can flexibly modify the program?

So what is a gateway? In fact, it means the data converter.

We can see the gateway setting option when we set the computer network adapter.

Common bus gateway program content is hard-coded, and only one or two types of data conversion can be realized.

In order to achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions, and at the same time deal with the conversion between high-level protocol bus data, programmable gateways came into being.

The programmable gateway is developed based on PLC, and can use PLC programming software for program editing.

Because it is mainly used for data conversion and does not require information collection, programmable gateways generally do not integrate IO interfaces.

At present, common programmable gateways are integrated with bus interfaces such as CAN, Ethernet, and serial ports, which can realize conversion purposes such as CANopen to CAN, CANopen to modbus, etc.

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