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What Is a PLC? A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is a ruggedized digital computer used in industries that have been adapted for controlling manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes included robotic devices, assembly lines, or any activity requiring ease of programming, high reliability, and process fault diagnosis.

Profinet IO cable category


Profinet IO is an IO coupler that uses industrial Ethernet Profinet communication, and is connected hand in hand through ...

What is the topology of CANBUS?


CANBUS, also known as controller area network, was developed by Bosch, a giant in the German automotive electronics industry. ...

What does IP grade mean?


When we purchase PLC and other equipment, we often see the item of IP level, such as IP20, IP65 ...

What does a CAN analyzer do?


CAN analyzers are usually also called USBCAN analyzers, because they have a USB interface integrated on them, which can ...

Component of PLC


For a complete PLC, its components include: 1. Power supply 2. Input IO port 3. Output IO port 4. ...