(1) Control actuator:
Voltage output IO can be used to control actuators, such as relays, solenoid valves, motor drivers, etc.
By changing the state and value of the output voltage, the switch, speed, direction, etc. of the actuator can be controlled.

(2) Drive the display:
The voltage output IO can be used to drive various types of displays, such as LCD displays, LED displays, etc.
By adjusting the amplitude and frequency of the output voltage, parameters such as brightness, color and refresh rate of the display can be controlled.

(3) Light-emitting diode (LED) control:
The voltage output IO can be used to control the on and off and brightness of the LED.
By changing the level and waveform of the output voltage, the control of a single LED or LED strip can be realized, such as lighting, flashing, gradient and other effects.

(4) Sound generator:
The voltage output IO can be used to control a sound generator or speaker.
By changing the frequency and amplitude of the output voltage, different tones and volumes can be produced to realize sound playback and control.

(5) Analog signal generation:
Voltage output IO can generate analog signals, such as sine wave, square wave, pulse, etc.
These signals can be used in test, measurement, and experiment applications such as signal generators, oscillators, etc.

(6) Voltage regulation:
The voltage output IO can be used to adjust the operating voltage of external devices.
By changing the size and stability of the output voltage, it can meet the power requirements of different devices, such as sensors, amplifiers, etc.

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