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What Is a PLC? A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is a ruggedized digital computer used in industries that have been adapted for controlling manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes included robotic devices, assembly lines, or any activity requiring ease of programming, high reliability, and process fault diagnosis.

About the CAN bus protocol


CAN bus protocol is a serial communication protocol bus that can use twisted-pair wires to transmit signals, which is ...

Why use CAN bus?


Advantages of CAN bus First of all, the CAN bus has high reliability. The CAN bus uses differential signal ...

How to choose a suitable PLC controller?


Manufacturing Industry: - Reliability and Stability: The manufacturing industry relies on uninterrupted production lines. Therefore, PLC selection should prioritize ...

How to program PLC ?


About Ladder Logic (LD) Ladder Logic (LD) is a graphical programming language commonly used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) ...

Why is smaller PLC better?


Customers want the PLC to be as small as possible. Possible reasons: 1. Space limitation: Industrial use sites may ...