We know that there are generally four working modes of the servo system, namely:

1. Speed mode
2. Location mode
3. Torque mode
4. Zero mode

Among them, in the position mode, we mainly want the motor rotor to move to the required absolute position.

For example, we have a crane in our hand now, the boom is 3 meters above the ground, and the lifted item moves 1 meter vertically every 30 revolutions of the motor.

That is to say, if the direction of the motor remains unchanged, the lifted items will fall to the ground after up to 90 turns, which is unacceptable to us.

If it is stipulated that the distance between the lifted object and the ground is 1 meter, then we take the position of the motor where the object is 3 meters from the ground as the starting point, and the position where the motor rotates 60 full circles as the end point.

The position where the motor rotates 60 full revolutions is the final position we need.

Any speed and torque of the relay motor can be used, and finally stop here.

The above lifting items that require multi-turn motor movement require a multi-turn absolute value encoder for the servo, so that the absolute angular position after multi-turn movement can be memorized.

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