From a macro point of view, the servo drive is mainly divided into two parts, the power board and the control board, among which the power board is the strong current part, and the control board is the weak current part.

The power board can be subdivided into two units, namely the power drive unit IPM and the switching power supply unit.

Here, the power drive unit is used to drive the motor, and the switching power supply unit is used to provide digital and analog power for the entire servo system.

The control board part of the servo drive is the control core of the whole system. It outputs the pulse width modulation (PWM) or pulse frequency modulation (PFM) signal through the corresponding algorithm as the drive signal of the drive circuit to change the output power of the inverter to To achieve the purpose of controlling the AC servo motor.

Our common distributed servo systems mostly use independent drives, with rich interfaces, large loads, and good heat dissipation capabilities, but the connection is cumbersome and bulky.

The integrated servo combines the drive encoder and the motor together, highlighting a compact and easy to integrate, but the power and torque of the motor are not particularly large.

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