2. Converter used
GCAN-212 can use computer software to configure the basic operation parameters, such as CAN bus baud rate, CANopen node ID, Ethernet IP address, gateway and so on.
2.1 GCAN-212 converter Ethernet working mode
GCAN-212 converter Ethernet uses standard TCP Server working mode. In this mode, the GCAN-212 converter does not automatically connect with other equipment. It can communicate with the client after establishing the TCP connection. The process of establishing communication is shown in figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 TCP Server Schematic diagram of mode communication
2.2 GCAN-212 configuration
2.2.1 Restore factory settings
The GCAN-212 converter’s defaults IP: If the user has modified the IP and forgot, then it can be reset by using the DIP switch in the device.
2.2.2 Change PC IP address
PC and GCAN-212 IP must be in the same network segment.
For example: converter IP:, PC IP:
Please note: PC IP cannot be the same as the converter IP.
2.3 Connect to Ethernet
The Ethernet interface of the GCAN-212 converter integrates a 10/100M adaptive Ethernet chip. The converter conforms to the Ethernet standard protocol specification.
2.4 Connect to CAN-Bus
In practical use, users only need to connect the CAN_H to CAN_H and CAN_L to CAN_L, then communication can be realized.
The CAN-Bus network adopts topological structure, only the two furthest terminal need to connect 120Ω terminal resistance between CAN_H and CAN_L. For branch connection, its length should not be more than 3meters.CAN-Bus nodes connection as shown in figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2 CAN-Bus network
Note: CAN-Bus using ordinary twisted pair. The relationship between the bus length and baud rate is shown in Table 2.1.

2.5 System LED
GCAN-212 converter with one SYS indicator, one DAT indicator. More functions are shown in table 2.2.

After power on the converter, the SYS indicator light indicates that power is being supplied and the system is initializing; otherwise, it indicates power failure or an error occurred.
If the bus has data transmission, DAT indicator will flash.