CANopen IO 8DI/8DO

Model: GCAN-4055
Colleting digital or switching signals, and output voltage signals to relay, switch, indicator light and other equipment.

Product Introduction


  • CAN-Bus supports CAN2.0A frame format, in accordance with ISO / DIS 11898 specification;
  • CAN-Bus communication baud rate between 10Kbps ~ 1Mbps arbitrary programmable;
  • CAN-Bus interface with electrical isolation, isolation module insulation voltage: DC 1500V;
  • Use 9 ~ 30V DC power supply, 140mA (quiet state current: 40mA);
  • Number of digital inputs: 8 channels;
  • Number of digital output channels: 8 channels;
  • Digital input signal: support dry contact, wet contact input;
  • Wet contact digital input high signal (digital 1): + 5V ~ 30V;
  • Wet contact digital input Low level signal (digital 0): ≤ + 3V;
  • Digital output signal: open collector output, the maximum load voltage +30 V, the
  • maximum leakage current of 150mA;
  • DI, DO, CANopen interface using the terminal interface;
  • Use the DIP switch to configure the module baud rate and node number;
  • Can be used to connect the card rail connector, installed on the DIN rail;
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃;
  • Size: 121mm * 70mm * 26mm.
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