When we purchase PLC and other equipment, we often see the item of IP level, such as IP20, IP65 and so on.

The full name of IP level is IP protection level, which is the dustproof and moisture proof ability level of electrical equipment stipulated by the IEC Association.

Among them, I in IP refers to the dustproof level, and P is the moisture proof level. Regardless of whether it is I or P, the larger the value, the higher the protection level.

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For example, if the value of I is 2, it can prevent the entry of finger-sized objects; if the value is 5, it can prevent the entry of most dust.

If the value of P is 1, it can keep vertical water droplets from entering for ten consecutive minutes; if the value of P is 4, it can protect the device from splashing water within 10 minutes.

Of course, for equipment such as PLC, the general protection level of IP20 is enough, and it is installed in the cabinet for use, free of dust and less humidity.

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