With CANBUS Communication.

The GCAN-PLC module consists of a programmable control module (GCAN-PLC-400/510/511) and several I/O modules (GC-1008/2008/…). The control module has a variety of fieldbus communication interfaces that allow users to connect to the network and communicate with other devices.

3 kinds of interface

CAN, Ethernet, RS232/485, Follow ISO 11898, support CANopen/ Modbus RTU/ Modsbus TCP, can be used as master or slave station

5 programming language

Support SFC (Sequential function chart), LD (Ladder diagram), FBD (Function block), ST(Strutured text), IL (Instruction list)

After-sales service

7 x24 hours every week after sales technical support with our professional engineers to solve problems

IO freely expand

Plenty of IO modules optional including digital & analog IO modules and some other special modules. One main control module with max 32 IO modules (32*8=256 channels)

Free programming software

Support OpenPCS software, follow IEC 61131-3, the software is free with GCAN-PLC

Without specialized downloader

GCAN-PLC can use common micro usb to complete debugging and downloading

Technical Advantages
Model Characteristic Communication Bus
CPU Frequency Program Storage Data Storage
GCAN-PLC-400 168M 16M 512K 1*CAN+1*Ethernet+1*RS232 (oder RS485)
GCAN-PLC-510 400M 32m 16M 1*CAN+1*Ethernet+1*RS232 (oder RS485)
GCNA-PLC-511 400M 32m 16M 2*CAN+1*Ethernet+1*RS232+1*RS485
GCAN-PLC can be programmed in five programming languages ​​that comply with the IEC61131-3 standard, making the PLC program portable and reusable. IEC61131-3 also allows multiple programming languages ​​to be used in the same PLC , allowing program developers to choose the appropriate programming language for each specific task, and allowing different software modules to use different programming languages ​​in the same control program.
Users can also use the platform for remote access to field devices to achieve high-end functions such as status monitoring, remote control, fault diagnosis, and unified management of field devices.
GCAN provides users with commonly used functional examples such as basic input and output, basic RS232/RS485/Ethernet/CAN communication , CANopen protocol communication, Modbus protocol communication, etc. Users can quickly develop a PLC application that suits their needs and save development time and costs.
Package Contents

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GC-1008 ~ GC-8012.

I/O Type Characteristic Signal Channel
Digital input GC-1008 Digital input (PNP) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-1018 Digital input (NPN) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-1502 Counter(200kHz max) 2-channel
Digital output GC-2008 Digital output (PNP) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-2018 Digital output (NPN) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-2204 Relay output 4-channel
GC-2302 PWM (20Hz~200kHz) 2-channel
Analog input GC-3604 Voltage input, 16 bits -5~+5V 4-channel
GC-3624 Voltage input, 16 bits -10V~+10V 4-channel
GC-3644 Current input, 16 bits 0-20mA 4-channel
GC-3654 Current input, 16 bits 4-20mA 4-channel
GC-3664 Voltage input, 16 bits 0~+5V 4-channel
GC-3674 Voltage input, 16 bits 0~+10V 4-channel
GC-3804 2-wire PT100, 16 bits Thermal resistance 4-channel
GC-3814 2-wire PT1000, 16 bits Thermal resistance 4-channel
GC-3822 3-wire PT100, 16 bits Thermal resistance 2-channel
GC-3832 3-wire PT1000, 16 bits Thermal resistance 2-channel
GC-3844 K type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3854 S type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3864 T type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3874 J type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
Analog output GC-4602 Voltage output, 16 bits -5V~+5V 2-channel
GC-4622 Voltage output, 16 bits -10V~+10V 2-channel
GC-4642 Current output, 16 bits 0-20mA 2-channel
GC-4652 Current output, 16 bits 4-20mA 2-channel
GC-4662 Voltage output, 16 bits 0~5V 2-channel
GC-4672 Voltage output, 16 bits 0~10V 2-channel
GC-4674 Voltage output, 12 bits 0~10V 4-channel
Special module GC-6101 RS232/RS485 extension
GC-6201 GPRS extension
GC-6501 WiFi extension
GC-8012 Power extension