PLC is a programmable logic controller. At present, it is mainly divided into two categories: integral PLC and extended PLC. Whether it is integral or extended, there are actually only a few components, including:

1. The central processing unit, usually called CPU, is the brain of the entire PLC. The operation of the control program requires its operation and processing.
2. RAM and ROM, used to store system programs, application programs, logic variables and other information. Our mobile phones and computers also have similar structures. For example, the RAM of a computer is the memory, and the ROM is the hard disk.
3. Input and output system, referred to as IO. The collection of PLC information and the output of instructions all depend on IO. The more IO points integrated on a PLC and the richer the types, the more powerful the performance of the device is.
4. The power supply system, no matter how powerful the electronic equipment is, cannot function without power supply.

As for other isolation protection, rail installation, etc.

Our company is producing both of the integral and extended types of PLCs mentioned above. The integral PLC is a small programmable logic controller, and the extended PLC is a micro and medium-sized programmable logic controller, all of which integrate CANBUS interface, serial interface and Ethernet interface, support CANopen bus and Modbus bus communication, and can be matched with our company’s expansion modules.
If you need the equipment manual, you are welcome to consult it. If you have the purchasing needs of PLC, please consult our engineers, they will tailor the appropriate configuration model for you.