Model: GCAN-4056
Collect digital input signals, output digital signals, control switches, realize the connection between remote switching equipment and the CANopen network, and form a control node for data signal collection and output in the CANopen network.

Product Introduction

GCAN-4056 module is an industrial grade CANopen digital quantity input and output module integrating 1 standard CANopen interface, 8 switching quantity input channels and 8 switching quantity output channels. Adopting GCAN-4056 module, users can use it to collect digital input signals and output digital signals to control switches, realize the connection between remote switchgear and CANopen network, and constitute the control node of data quantity signal collection and output in CANopen network.

GCAN-4056 module is a key tool for digital signal acquisition and output, and at the same time, the module is characterized by compact size and convenient wiring, etc. The bus interface of GCAN-4056 module integrates an isolation protection module, so that it can avoid damage to the module due to instantaneous over-voltage and over-current. The DIN-rail mounting makes it easier to integrate into various control cabinets.

Model GCAN-4056
Bus type CAN/CANopen
Bus interface 1
Interface form Terminal interface
Number of digital input(DI)channels 8
Number of digital output(DO)channels 8
Digital input signal Dry contact, wet contact input
Digital output signal Collector open drain output
Master/Slave protocol CANopen slave
CAN-bus protocol standard Supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B frame formats
Comply with ISQ/DIS11898 specification
Baud rate and node number Dip switch configuration
Module power supply channel Electrical isolation 1500V DC
CAN channel Electrical isolation 3000V DC
Power supply form Use 9-30VDC power supply;140mA (quiet current: 40mA)
Isolation form Optocoupler isolation
Range of working temperature -40℃~+85℃
EMC anti-interference support
Installation form DIN rail fixing
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