CAN bus Repeater Relay

Brand: GCAN
Model: GCAN-206
1. Extension of CAN bus transmission distance for fire alarm system
2. Pile public bicycle system networking
3. Electronic patrol system networking
4. Networking of underground data acquisition system in coal mine

Product Introduction


The GCAN-206 CAN bus repeater has 2 CAN interface which support indepentdent CAN baud rate communication. It support CANopen, SDS, J1939, DeviceNet, NMEA2000, etc CAN bus protocols. It also can increase the number of nodes in CAN bus, extend CAN bus communication distance and resist interference.
It has intergrated isolation module and support DIN-rail installation.

CAN channel 2
CAN connector Open4 terminal block
CAN interface CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B, conform to ISO11898-2
CAN baud rate 5kbit/s to 1Mbit/s
USB interface USB 2.0, compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 3.0
Maximum receive data frame 14000 fps
Isolation DC 1500V electrical isolation
Size(LxWxH) 113 x 100 x 21 mm
Weight approx.120g
Operating temperature -40°C~85°C
Humidity 15 to 95% non-condensing
Power supply
Power Supply 9~30V DC
Current 20mA, 24V DC

1. Increase the number of CAN bus nodes
In common, the max number of CAN bus nodes is 110 in a CAN bus. If users want to connect more devices into the CAN bus network, the CAN-206 can add one more CAN bus ( another 110 nodes).

2. Extend the communication distance of CAN bus
The GCAN-206 can increases the distance of can nodes to extend CAN-Bus communication. If the user need more longer distance, more GCAN-206 can be used in the CAN bus network in the same time.

3. Independent CAN baud rate
The baud rate for each CAN channel can be configured, it can realize CAN network interconnection with different communication baud rates..

4. Resist interference
The GCAN-206 CAN bus repeater can be used to isolate the interference on the bus to protect the normal operation of the user’s CAN bus equipment.

5. Filter function
It has ID filtering and data forwarding capability, achieve the goal of removing interference data and differentiating different devices.


  1. Adapter for USB connection (USB 1.1, compatible with USB 2.0);
  2. With two CAN-Bus channel;
  3. CAN-Bus supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B frame format, conform to ISO/DIS 11898 standards;
  4. CAN baud rates: 5Kbps ~ 1Mbps;
  5. Power supply: 24VDC (20mA);
  6. CAN-Bus isolation module insulation voltage: DC 1500V;
  7. Device driver and software support Windows XP/7/10;
  8. Support ECAN Tools software;
  9. Working temperature range from -40 to 85 °C;
  10. Size: (L)113mm * (W)100mm * (H)21mm.
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GCAN-206 (CAN Bridge)