Before clarifying this question, let’s first understand what is strong electricity and what is weak electricity.

Some people think that a voltage exceeding a certain volt is strong electricity, and a voltage lower than a certain volt is weak electricity.

The so-called strong electricity refers to the electricity that is mainly used for energy transmission, such as electric fans will turn when they are supported by electricity, lights will turn on when they are supported by electricity, and so on.

Weak electricity is the electricity mainly used to transmit information, such as the network cable we use to surf the Internet, it can turn the weak current signal into a network signal.

The voltage of strong electricity can be very high or very low, and the voltage of weak electricity must be very low, do you understand?

Once you know the difference between strong current and weak current, you will know whether PLC is a strong current device or a weak current device.

PLC is mainly used to transmit instructions for weak current signals. It is obviously a weak current tool. It will not emit light, rotate or move. Are you clear?

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