1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
GCAN-4055(CANopen IO 8DI/8DO) is a CANopen converter which have one standard CANopen interface, 8 digital input channel and 8 digital output channel .
1.2 Properties at a glance
2 Instruction
GCAN-4055 DIP switch and terminal interface definition are shown in figure 2.1 and figure 2.2.
As shown in figure 2.1, GCAN-4055 DIP switch 1 is reset switch, and switch 2-8 are the node number setting switch. On the right hand side 1-4 is the baud rate setting switch.
As shown in figure 2.2, the function of GCAN-4055 pins are as follows:
V+:  Connect power supply (+ 10V ~ + 30V DC)
V -:  Connect power negative
PE:  Shield
CAN_PE:  CAN Shield
DI_COM:  Dry contact input signal reference
DI_GND:  Wet contact input grounding
DI_0~DI7:  Dry/Wet contact input
DO_GND:  Digital output GND
DO_0~DO7:  Digital output
3 Configuration
Users can set the node number and baud rate of GCAN-4055 using the DIP switch.
Please note: The new parameters will not take effect until the converter power on again.
3.1 CAN node number configuration
As shown in figure 3.1, the user will set the DIP switch to “ON”, bit is “1”, set to “OFF” , bit is “0” . The DIP switch 2-8 can set node ID, the eighth is the lowest bit, the second is highest bit. The node ID is the sum of the decimal values. node ID has a valid range of 0 ~ 127.
Please note: The first switch default is off,  please do not change it.
3.2 CAN baud rate configuration
1-4 of the right DIP switch can set baud rate. The following table is shown in table 3.2.