Looking for original PLC Automation Importer? Buy low cost micro PLC controller with RS232/485 from PLC Automation China Wholesaler. Stackable new PLC support Modbus TCP/RTU. We are GCAN, a PLC factory and vendor who provide new and original controller with input and output export and programming service.

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Purchase cheap new PLC automation controller support 256 input/output and ethernet from China PLC Wholesaler. Buy PLC in stock with ethernet from PLC Automation Wholesaler from GCAN, a China factory. New original PLC price are low. we are PLC vendor who provide stock PLC export and programming service.

The modular design of GCAN makes expansion easy and flexible, adapting to various industrial sites. Ten years PLC Automation Exporter with professional engineers online.





Modbus TCP

Modbus RTU

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PLC Controller

With various fieldbus communication interfaces such as CAN and Ethernet, it can be connected to the cloud platform through our extended 4G or WiFi module.

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IO Coupler

Support CANopen, Modbus communication protocol. Modular, can be arbitrarily expanded according to the actual needs of the site.

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IO Modules

Expansion Modules

GCAN GC-series IO modules for you to choose. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are available.

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