• CANopen PLC is a programmable logic controller that integrates one or two CANBUS interfaces and can transmit data through CANopen bus.

So what is CANopen?
CANopen is a control bus with one master and multiple slaves, and PLC can play the role of master controller in it. Compared with other field buses, the most prominent feature of CANopen is low communication delay and high reliability. Therefore, for some projects with high control safety requirements, CANopen PLC is actually very suitable. Moreover, it does not mean that CANopenPLC only integrates the CAN port, and can only work through the CANopen bus. There are also common serial bus and Ethernet bus, which can comprehensively use various buses to work.

In the past, CANopen PLC was programmed with OpenPCS software and did not support codesys, but now, this situation has been improved, and our company’s PLC can work with codesys software. If you are interested in such equipment, you can click here to fill out a contact form.

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