The integrated servo motor is a system that combines the drive encoder and the motor, and it looks like a motor from the outside. So, what are its advantages? Let’s find out.

The integrated servo motor is a servo system developed based on the DC low-voltage power supply method, which adopts a permanent magnet synchronous motor and FOC drive method. At the same time, it supports EtherCAT, CANopen, Modbus and other bus control methods, and has higher integration advantages.

At the same time, the entire system can be made very small, which is easy to integrate into the existing system and has strong project adaptability.
Furthermore, most of the integrated servo motors are low-power servos with low power supply voltage, and are powered by a safe voltage power supply, which will not pose a threat to the life safety of the operator.

For integrated servo motor, the power of the motor cannot be made very large, and the size will affect the heat dissipation. In addition, the drive load of the integrated servo motor is small, the overload is small, and the motor torque is small.

Therefore, whether to choose an integrated servo motor or a traditional split servo can be determined according to the actual needs of the project.

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