PLC is an important industrial control automation equipment, which often plays the role of master station controller. At present, major international industrial control companies are sparing no effort to develop their own PLCs.
Of course, PLC manufacturers in most countries can only produce PLC hardware, and the programming software adopts those that meet international standards. After all, the most important thing about PLC is the stability of operation, and at the same time, it can ensure the smoothness of program transplantation.

There are so many types of PLC programming software, why is Codesys so popular? The reasons are as follows:

1. Codesys complies with various international standards, including IEC 61131-3 international standard (six programming languages ​​are provided), IEC 61508 (safety standard) and EN ISO 13849 (mechanical safety standard) and so on.

2. Codesys has good portability and powerful communication capabilities, and can run on various mainstream systems, including Windows, Linux and so on.

3. Codesys supports redundant control and customized development.

4. Codesys supports various types of motion control, including single-axis control, multi-axis control, robot multi-joint control and so on.

In addition, there are many other advantages of Codesys, which will not be repeated here. The ability to produce PLCs that support Codesys proves the technical strength of the R&D department of the factory.

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