PLC is also called Programmable Logic Controller, the full English name is Programmable Logic Controller, and sometimes referred to as PC. Of course, this PC is only used in the field of industrial control, and is completely different from our personal computer.

Since it is called a programmable logic controller, its core soul lies in programming. What you need for programming is a programming language, just like home computer programming requires C language and Java language types. What are the common programming languages ​​for PLC? What are the characteristics of each of them? Just take a look:

1. Ladder Diagram

This is the most common programming language used by PLC engineers. When dealing with some logic control problems, the ladder diagram is very easy to use and is deeply loved by everyone.

2. Structured text

It is also a type of programming language commonly used by PLC engineers, and its programming ideas are similar to the C language of PCs. When we encounter some projects with complex algorithm control, we often use structured text to deal with them.

3. Functional block diagram

This programming language allows us to directly see the flow direction of the program during the debugging process. It is clear which way is connected and which way is not connected. Motor control projects mostly use this programming language.

In addition to the above three languages, there are also programming languages ​​such as sequential function chart and instruction list, but they are rarely used. When faced with actual projects, different programming languages ​​may be good at different things, and we can comprehensively use their characteristics to solve problems.

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