Passing by the supermarket this morning, I saw that breakfast was provided, and I couldn’t help but sigh, how could they get rich, the diversification of this business is really amazing. In fact, not only supermarkets that are relatively close to our daily life should be like this, PLC manufacturers should also have this awareness, and don’t keep betting on one place, which is too risky. You have to continuously launch new products and new types of equipment, and cook hot and cold stoves together, so that there will be more room for development.

So what should PLC manufacturers produce? Currently there are the following categories:

1. Integral PLC, that is, small PLC, is used to deal with projects whose control content is not particularly complicated. The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to carry.

2. Combined PLC, both large and medium-sized PLCs belong to this type, with more than one hundred IOs, rich communication interfaces, fast equipment scanning speed, and high product added value.

3. Programmable gateway, a protocol converter that can flexibly change the data conversion program, without specially customizing the high-level protocol data conversion gateway.

4. PLC development board, allowing DIY enthusiasts to design the most suitable PLC finished product.

Because the future of PLC is intelligent, PLC manufacturers should think more about this aspect and seize the opportunity.

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