The scientific name of PLC is programmable logic controller, which is mostly used in the field of industrial control. You can compare it to the human brain. In the automatic production process, PLC collects external variable data, processes it according to the programmed program, and then outputs the corresponding operation model. After continuously repeating the above several processes, the purpose of automatic production is realized.

The plug-in PLC is one of the types in the PLC family, which refers to the device that expands the IO port through the IO function plug-in. Under the premise of sufficient power supply, a plug-in PLC master control head can connect dozens of IO function plug-ins, and each IO function plug-in will integrate 2 to 16 IO interfaces to realize the expansion of hundreds of IOs. Compared with the integrated PLC with fixed IO interface, the plug-in PLC has more advantages in flexibility. With the continuous enhancement of the power supply capability of the plug-in PLC and the computing power of the MCU, the number of IO plug-ins that can be connected will increase, and it can handle projects with more complex control content.

The plug-in PLC developed by our company supports codesys and OpenPCS software programming, and currently can expand up to 512 IO interfaces. If you need equipment manuals, please click here to contact us.

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