In underground operations, the CAN modules that can be used mainly include the following categories:

(1) CAN bus digital IO module:

Application areas: remote communication in industries such as coal mines, oil wells, and smart buildings.
Principle and function: This module usually contains digital quantity isolation input, output, power supply circuit, MCU minimum system, CAN communication circuit and other parts. It can map the IO signal from the sensor to CAN, or simply process the data.

(2) CANopen digital quantity acquisition module:

Features: It is one of the most widely used acquisition devices in the industrial field, providing reliable data transmission and communication capabilities.
Function: Supports multi-node communication, each node can send and receive messages independently, and realizes a distributed communication architecture. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, error detection and correction.

CANopen converter

(3) CAN bus monitoring module:

Application in coal mine safety monitoring system:
Ground central station: responsible for receiving, storing and displaying various data transmitted from the underground monitoring substation, and sending configuration and control commands.
Underground control substation: communicates with the ground central station through the CAN bus to transmit monitoring data and control information.
Sensor: Collects various on-site environmental safety monitoring data and equipment operation status data, and uploads them to the CAN bus through the CAN IO module.


High-speed transmission: supports high-speed data transmission to ensure real-time data.
Strong anti-interference ability: adopts differential signal transmission and conflict detection mechanism to ensure stable operation in a noisy environment.
Good reliability: built-in error detection and correction mechanism to automatically detect and repair errors during transmission.

(4) USB/CAN conversion module:

Application: used to convert instrument data connected to the CAN bus and send it to the computer for processing through the USB bus.
These CAN modules play a key role in underground operations. They not only provide reliable data transmission and communication capabilities, but also have the characteristics of high-speed transmission, strong anti-interference ability, and good reliability, ensuring the safety and efficiency of underground operations.

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