Closed-loop servo is actually a servo motor, because it has an encoder structure that can feed back the motion state of the motor to form a closed-loop control. Compared with other open-loop control motors, the displacement accuracy of the servo motor is relatively high. When a pulse is given, it will move a position. After the power is turned off, the motor rotor will not move, and will not continue to rotate due to inertia and other reasons.

So what’s the use of it? In other words, what are its application fields? Simply take a look:

1. The most common application methods are robotic arms on various automated production lines, three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, etc., such as chip production.

2. Servo motors are also used in the parts processing industry, such as bending machines, flying shears, etc.

3. Entertainment industry, such as large mobile display screens, somatosensory game consoles, etc.

4. In the logistics and transportation industry, such as AGV vehicles in large warehouses, its motion steering part uses an integrated servo system.

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