Servo motors are also called slave systems, which means very obedient machines. Compared with other motors, the biggest advantage of servo motors is precise control. So why is the servo control so precise?
This is because it has an independent encoder structure, which enables the system to achieve closed-loop control.
In other words, the instructions issued by controllers such as PLC can be compared with the instructions fed back by the motor, and corrections can be made if there are differences.
It can be seen that the encoder is a very important part of the servo motor, and it can be divided into the following four categories:

1. Incremental encoder

2. Absolute encoder

3. Resolver

4. Sin-Cos encoder, etc.

  • Please note that no matter what kind of encoder servo motor is used, if the encoder needs to be replaced, the origin position of the rotor must be readjusted to prevent the motor from heating and jamming.

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