Why does the CAN-to-Ethernet converter use an ARM chip instead of an X86 chip? There are two main reasons:

First of all, the ARM architecture chip is used to process the data of the CAN network Ethernet converter, which is completely sufficient. In fact, the ARM chip used in the current CAN-to-Ethernet converter is not the latest version, but an antique from a few years ago or even more than ten years ago. Some friends said it was to save money? There are certain reasons, but on the other hand, these old chips have proven themselves in long-term use and are very stable. The most important thing in industrial production is stability, and other factors are secondary factors. At the same time, the low price of chips makes the price of the entire device also low, and consumers can also save some costs.

Furthermore, ARM-based chips have low energy consumption and low heat generation. If you stuff an X86 chip into a CAN-to-Ethernet converter without a special heat dissipation design, you are likely to blow up your system. Now why many smartphones are showing off graphite heat dissipation, even the latest ARM chips have begun to heat up, so on the premise that the performance can be used, the old-fashioned ARM chips are fine.

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