USBCAN: Say goodbye to PC, free to transmit.


USBCAN offline function: In the ECANTools software, it has the function of offline data transmission. This function allows to send data without circulating through the computer by writing instructions. Only need 5-24V power supply or USB power the device to send CAN data.

Practical significance of offline function:
When developing and debugging CAN bus devices, engineers often need to use USBCAN analyzer to send data to the CAN bus device through the host computer software. In the mass production test, if small device is tested, noproblem, if test much devices, it is very inconvenient to move PC here and there. In response to this demand from users, our company has added offline function in ECANTools software, which makes USBCAN’s simple data transmission and reception off the computer, greatly improving work efficiency. Let’s talk about the selection basis of the equipment for this function.

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For some repetitive CAN bus device test work, the traditional USBCAN analyzer can only be used with the computer, and the software editing data needs to be opened every time it is used. This test method is not only time-consuming but also requires a high threshold for testers.
The offline function of our ECAN Tools software can send the data wanted without connecting to PC. When using, the USBCAN analyzer needs to be set to the offline mode and the offline file to be sent can be downloaded to the hardware device. Realize the data transmission by carrying only one mouse-sized USBCAN device to improve work efficiency.
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