As a necessary tool for debugging and analyzing CAN bus, USBCAN analyzer is widely used by various engineers in the field of CAN bus to debug, develop and analyze CAN bus equipment, and decipher CAN bus data.

As we all know, the core communication system in any automobile is the CAN bus, such as engine, gearbox, ECU, steering and so on. Engineers who decode cars often need to use USBCAN analyzers to parse data they need.

For example, Engineer Sun contacted us recently and said he wanted to analyze the car’s doors and lights and so on. Next, we take this opportunity to explain how to use the Guangcheng USBCAN Analyzer to analyze the CAN bus data.

Engineer Sun wanted to analyze the opening data of his car, so he connected the USBCAN device to the car and received a lot of seemingly random data immediately after setting the bound rate. According ECAN Tools software, the current amount of data is about 3000 frame per second.
ECAN Tools interface display
Following we guide Engineer Sun to use the display mode in ECAN Tools. When set the display mode to statistical mode, the data will be more clear because the real-time data received was combined according to the frame ID.
Statistical mode of ECAN Tools interface display

Engineer Sun needed the data of door, while he didn’t operate the door this time, so we can filter out all the data that has been changing. After filtering out large amount of data, operate the door and observe changes in data at the same time. The data changed that time was the door data.
This shows that when users want to decode some common data, using Guangcheng Technology USBCAN device with the ECAN Tools software will make the decode more easier.
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