Ethernet CAN devices are generally integrated with one Ethernet port and two CAN ports, which can realize the intercommunication between computers and CANBUS communication devices.

Before using the device, we need to set the communication mode of the gateway.

At present, the common Ethernet CAN gateway communication modes include TCP and UDP.

Today we will talk about the UDP communication mode of Ethernet CAN devices.

Unlike TCP mode, which needs to establish a connection relationship, the Ethernet gateway and computer in UDP mode do not distinguish between clients and servers.

One of them sends data, regardless of whether the other party receives it. It is an open-loop communication method.

Because there are not many restrictions, the bus communication speed of UDP mode is faster.

Of course, because it is not known whether the data is sent to the destination, the communication reliability is poor, and it is easier to lose data when encountering interference.

Therefore, in the case of high reliability requirements, it is necessary to use the upper layer communication protocol to ensure the correct data.

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