Unlike other CAN converters, there are many types of CAN fiber optic module devices, why? Because it has too many subdivision methods, such as:

1. According to the integrated quantity of CAN port and optical fiber port, it can be divided into two types: one CAN with two optical fibers and two CAN with one optical fiber.

2. According to the types of optical fiber connectors, there are ST type, SC type and FC type.

3. According to the number of fiber optic connector connections, it can be divided into single-core type and double-core type.

4. If divided according to the type of optical fiber connected, it can be divided into single model and multi-model.

At the same time, the above four division dimensions can be combined by themselves, such as a dual-core multi-mode ST CAN fiber module with one fiber and two CAN channels, or a single-core single-mode SC CAN fiber module with two fibers and one CAN, etc.

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