First of all, let me introduce you I/O. It represents input / output and is generally divided into I / O devices and I / O interfaces. Our CANopen I/O module is an I/O device that uses the CAN bus protocol CANopen.

This kind of devices can provide users with a variety of distributed data collection and centralized control solutions with very fast data processing capacity. Its communication mode is the standard CANopen protocol, which can be easily integrated into the existing CANopen device. It is the best helper for CANopen engineers to work with its small, easy to connected and easy to expand features. To put it simply, it is an important part of the future development of things union to  make devices without intelligence communication complete the information transmission of IOT.

CANopen I/O module GCAN-4055 dimension parameter
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has developed a CANopen I/O module with independent intellectual property: GCAN-4055. It integrates a standard CANopen interface, an 8-way switch input channel and an 8-way switch output channel. Using GCAN-4055 CANopen I/O module, users can collect digital input or output signal, control switch, realize the connection between remote switch device and CANopen network, make up the control node of data volume signal collection and output in CANopen network.
CANopen I/O module GCANopen-4055 introduction
At present GCAN-4055 CANopen I/O module has been widely used in following areas:
1. Real-time data monitoring of industrial fieldbus network;
2. Remote communication in coal mines,oil wells;
3. Application teaching of CAN bus remote communication;
4. CAN industrial automation control system;
5. Fire alarm and fire control system;
6. Intelligent hotel room control network;
7. Car automatic production line control system
8. CAN bus application control for intelligent building control data broadcasting system
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