Industrial Control system based on Modbus Protocol
Engineers who has been in CAN bus field all know although CAN bus has ultra high baud rate, stable and fast speed transmission and a number of collected node devices, it still could not replace the other buses completely. Different buses has its special advantages, for example, WIFI bus can transmit a long-distance and do not be effected by terrain. Bluetooth can operate the system directly by using mobile devices(mobile phone, laptop, Pad). Fiber bus transmit a long-distance with stable signal and fast speed. More over RS232/485 bus, the older member of bus system, it appeared too early and used in a wide range of fields, so even if you want to replace the whole line, you should also consider the problem of labor and cost. But we’re not going to talk about these today, but let’s talk about the CANbus to Modbus gateway module, let’s get started:

In fact, Modbus is a serial communication protocol, which was published by Modicon (now Schneider Electric SchneiderElectric) in 1979 for communication of programmable logic controller(PLC). It has become the industry standard of industrial communication protocol (Defacto), and is also a common connection between industrial electronic devices. Compared with other communication protocols, Modbus is published publicly and copyright free, easy to deploy and maintain, less restrictions on modifying local bits or bytes, and Because of these advantages, the industrial bus system with Modbus protocol is widely used, which lays the foundation for the development and production of CANbus to Modbus related devices.

GCAN-204 CANbus to Mobus RTU gateway module

CANbus to Modbus device, is the CANbus and the modbus bus system data transformation gateway. It is required to have rich interface functions, stable supply voltage, no excessive delay, and unique data conversion methods. In response to these requirements, GCAN introduced two CANbus to modbus devices, respectively for GCAN-204 and GCAN-205, below we are going to comb their characteristics and application areas:

GCAN-205 CANbus to modbusTCP module

GCAN-204 CANbus to Modbus device should be called GCAN-204 CANbus to ModbusRTU module, because its function is to realize the data exchange and communication between CAN bus and ModbusRTU. And GCAN-205 is on the contrary, its full name should be GCAN-205 CANbus to ModbusTCP. Although there is some difference, their application field is similar.
(1) Intelligent Building Control data Broadcasting system.
(2) Data acquisition and analysis of low speed CAN network.
(3) The field of CAN industrial automation control system.
(4) Remote communication for teaching application of CAN bus network.
(5) Data monitoring of industrial field network.