Before we use the Ethernet CAN gateway, we need to configure various parameters, including the connection mode setting of the device.

There are two common Ethernet CAN gateway connection modes, namely TCP Server and TCP Client.

Some people will say that I clearly saw that there is a UDP mode in the instruction manual of the Ethernet CAN gateway.

Sorry, that is the communication mode, which is not based on the connection between devices, so the only connection modes are TCP Server and TCP Client.

Next, let’s talk about what the TCP Server mode is.

profinet plc
profinet plc

In our company, the personal computer we use is the Client, and the computer in the computer room is the server.

A Client can actively access a server, but not the other way around.

Now, for example, if we want to realize the interconnection between the Ethernet CAN gateway and the computer, if the Ethernet CAN gateway is set as TCP Server, then the computer must be set as TCP Client.

Since the computer is the Client, the computer needs to request the Ethernet CAN gateway connection first. After the Ethernet CAN gateway agrees to connect, the two parties establish a connection relationship, and then they can transmit data to each other.

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