The servo system is also called the slave system, which belongs to the industrial control actuator, and it is simply the part that actually does the work.

A servo motor does not refer to a certain type of motor, but any motor with an encoder is called a servo motor. With the encoder, the servo can feed back the motion error and make corrections continuously, so the control accuracy is relatively high.

According to the different types of servo integrated motors, they can be divided into two categories: high-voltage servo and low-voltage servo. Low-voltage servo is often a servo type with a motor power supply voltage of 48V or below. The power of the motor is below 1000W. It is small in size and compact in structure. It can be combined with the driver to form an integrated one.

Although the torque load capacity of the integrated servo is not as good as that of the high-voltage servo, it can be integrated into some projects with relatively high space requirements, and there is no risk of being damaged by high-voltage electricity.

Our company’s integrated servos include servos using permanent magnet synchronous AC motors, servos using DC brushless motors and stepping servos, and you can choose according to your needs. If you want to know more, you can click here.

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