The length of the sausage sold in the cooked food restaurant is different, and it is often sold according to how much money per catty is. However, the “ham sausage” used by instant noodles is basically not a few grams each of the specifications, which can be sold according to how much money is each. Compared with the former handmade method, the latter obviously uses an automated production method.
In other words, the production of ham sausages is a complete automated production line, including controllers that control all machine operations, generally PLC, on-site bus that communicates each machine communication, and each execution tool. The execution tools are responsible for meat grinder, some are responsible for filling, some are responsible for packaging, and some are responsible for packing. It can be seen that every step must be accurately followed by PLC instructions. If a bug appears, it will bring great waste of production. If you look at it this way, we will have relatively high requirements for the exercise accuracy of the executive agency. In other words, we can use servo motors as its execution structure.

Our company has developed a variety of integrated servo systems. The types of motor types include step servo, permanent magnet synchronous communication servo, and so on. If you need the device manual information, you can click here to contact us.

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