Reasons and solutions for multiple port numbers in the “Net Assistant”

There is a user response. After the Ethernet to CAN device successfully configured, multiple port numbers appeared when debugging with “Net Assistant”. The reasons for this phenomenon are mostly poor network environment, frequent dropped calls, etc. When the slave device re-establishes the connection, a new port number will be generated. Below I summarize the recent cases, multiple ports appear in “Net Assistant”. The reason and solution.

Mr Andre, an engineer from a company in Hawaii, USA, contacted me: After configuring GCAN-202 use “TCPclient” working mode, there are multiple port numbers in the software client column when the computer “Net Assistant” is connected, about every two minutes. A new port appears, as shown in the following figure.

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Me: You can receive the heartbeat message through your current screenshot to determine “CANet Config” configuration. How is your link layer connected now? Is the GCNA-202 a directly connected computer, or a switch or router?
Mr Andre: router
Me: Ok, I suggest you use PC directly connected to the GCNA-202 to configure it properly and see if you have the same problem.
Mr Andre: Configured, connected successfully and no multiple port numbers appear.
Me: There is no problem connecting the computer directly. It can be judged that the router blocks the SOCKET connection process, resulting in multiple ports number being continuously re-established. The problem of the specific router can be checked by your network department.
Mr Andre: Ok, I will adjust it with our colleagues in charge of the network.


The GCAN-202 can communicate normally when using the GCAN-202 direct connect to the computer to indicate that the device function is normal; then the reason for the multiple port numbers is that the router side makes the GCAN-202 device establish SOCKET connection process is blocked, need to contact the network The department checks the router configuration.
If you have a similar problem during the network assistant connection process, you can refer to the following steps:
1. First determine the link layer, which is directly connected to the computer, switch or router. First use the computer directly connected to GCAN-202, the configuration is successful and successful communication can verify that the device is functioning properly;
2. When there is a need to connect the switch, etc.: first connect the switch PIN with the computer with the same IP address as GCAN-202, and make communication judgment. If the communication fails, contact your company’s network department to solve it.
3. If you use a computer with the same IP address as GCAN-202, you can use PIN and the network communication is normal. At this time, GCAN-202 is normally connected for use.

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