S-type thermocouple IO generally refers to the type of IO interface on the PLC for temperature analog signal acquisition, and can also refer to the temperature acquisition IO expansion module that the combined PLC can expand.

Next, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of S-type thermocouple IO.

The pair wire positive and negative poles of S-type thermocouple IO are precious metals, the positive pole is a platinum-rhodium alloy, and the negative pole is pure platinum, yes, that platinum gold used as jewelry.

Therefore, the manufacturing cost of the S-type thermocouple IO is relatively high.

plc io modules

At the same time, the S-type thermocouple is not very accurate for temperature measurement within 800 degrees Celsius, and the thermocouple will be damaged if it exceeds 1300 degrees Celsius.

It is suitable for temperature information collection between 800-1300 Celsius.

The advantages of S-type thermocouple IO are strong comprehensive performance, high temperature measurement accuracy, good working stability and long service life.

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