1.Programming software: OpenPCS;
2.Support Ethernet, RS232/485, CAN Bus interface;
3.Support CANopen protocol master/slave station;
4.Support Modbus RTU/TCP protocol master/slave station;
5.Support 5 language of IEC61131-3 standard;
6.Support Digital & Analog and special expansion IO module;
7.Max 32 expandable IO modules with extra power modules;
8.Configuration mode: automatic configuration;
9.Provide customizable services (programming/logo/software……);

Specifications of GCAN-PLC-510
Baud Rate(bps) 1000K,500K,250K,125K,100K,50K,10K
Digital I/O Signal 256 input/output
Configuration Mode Automatic configuration
CAN-Bus Interface 1 Open terminal interface, 4 Pin
Isolation Level Optocoupler isolation 500V
PDO Mode Synchronization, looping, event-driven, polling
Bus Terminal Module Quantity Up to 32 modules
Analog I/O Signal 64 input/output
PDO Number (CAN open) 4Tx / 4Rx
Power 24V DC (-15%+20%)
CPU Frequency 400M
Program Storage 32M byte
Data Storage 16M byte