Eight-channels CAN Analyzer

Brand: GCAN
Model: USBCAN-model 8
Test CAN-Bus network or device;
Automotive electronics development;
Electrical system communication test;
Industrial control network;
Listen all CAN-Bus communication.

Product Introduction


USBCAN-Modul 8 is a high-performance CAN-Bus communication interface card integrated with 8-channel CAN interface.This model CAN card is compatible with the full speed specification of USB2.0 Bus, using the USBCAN-Modul8 high-performance CAN interface  card, PC CAN be quickly connected to the CAN-Bus network through USB interface.
USBCAN-Modul 8 high performance CAN interface card supportWindows XP/Win7/Win10 Linux and other operating systems,we provide a complete application demonstration code (VC VB Net Delphi Labview C++Builder), for the convenience of users for application development.

Size(LxWxH) 234*121*44
Operating temperature -40°C~85°C
The shell material metal
Interface form DB9(CiA)
CAN channel number 8
Voltage supply External 24V power supply
Working voltage 24V
Isolation voltage Magnetic isolation of 1500V
Support system Windows 2000/2003   XP   /7/8/10/ E.g.
development environment VC  VB  C  C+   C++ C++Builder   NET    Labwindows  Delphi   LabVIEW
CAN bus characteristics
Baud rate 5Kbps—-1Mbps
Transfer speed Send up to 8000 frames/s and receive up to 14000 frames/s
Execution standard Support CAN 2.0A CAN2.0B ISO/DIS 1188-1/2/3
USB bus characteristics
Execution standard Compliant with USB2.0 full speed Compatible with USB1.1 Spupport USB3.0
Software Functions

1. Transmit/Receive data
Transmitting and receiving is the basic function of ECAN Tools, in this interface, users can directly see the received CAN data, and send the data to CAN bus.

2.CAN-Bus diagnosis function                                                                              
CAN-Bus diagnosis function can detect the bus error frames and bus arbitration lost.

3.Statistics mode
When receiving data,software can classify these data in ID,data name, format or type and counting the number of each data.

4.Other functions  
Save data:save the receiving list
Display mode:scroll mode and list mode, list mode can classified data togetheraccording to the rules
Filter settings :user can set multi-stage filtering by editing the filter ID.
Data mask:masked ID is not displayed
Error frames : error frames on the bus can be displayed/hidden
5.Secondary development    

Secondary development fuction routine

Our Service

1. Standard package. Carton
2. Customized design
Delivery Time
2~5 days after receipt of your payment.
24-hour telephone after-sales service
Technical support
GCAN provide one year free after-sales warranty, lifetime free software and technical support.

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