GCAN have lots of User all over the world, so from this article, GCAN bring everyone to see the OBD II function of the USBCAN analyzer tool.First, what is OBD?
OBD means On-Board diagonistics.It is an automotive terms referring to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capablitily.
Since OBD bacame a standard, our USBCAN adapter turn the raw data from car to detail meter/table,and display their meaning.
So we call this OBD II function of USB-CAN.

Click here to see more function of GCAN USB to CAN device.
Than let have a look at OBD display interface of Ecantools.

We can use the ECANTools software for automotive signal analysis functions. Using this device to connect to the car OBD interface, we can analyze the actual values of the sensors in the car. The signal analysis function only supports the gasoline vehicle ISO15765 protocol. Speed, engine speed and water temperature can be displayed by software.

ECANTools can also read, parse, remove the car’s fault code and analyze vehicle sensor data specified in the ISO15765 protocol, including: Engine Speed, Engine Temp, Fuel Press etc.
When in use, select the 11 bit button first, click “loop to get real-time data”. If there is no data at this time, switch to 29 bit and try again. If there is no data in both mode, please check baud rate and connection. Most car power bus baud rate is 500Kbps.
The data values can also be displayed in real time through the curve as below. Users can select four variables to display simultaneously on the same screen.
①Curve display window
②Switch the bold curve to the left
③Switch the bold curve to the right
④Increase the range of the Y axis of the corresponding curve
⑤Decrease the range of the Y axis of the corresponding curve
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