The scientific name of PLC is programmable logic controller, which is an essential machine for realizing industrial automation production. Next, let’s talk about what environmental factors should be considered in the use of PLC:

First of all, it is temperature. Each PLC has its own most suitable working temperature range. It is not acceptable to exceed the lower limit of temperature, nor to exceed the upper limit of temperature. Most of the time, what we consider is the heat dissipation of the equipment. Do not place it too close to other components, which will affect the ventilation of the equipment. If necessary, a dedicated fan or other heat sink needs to be installed.

Second, is humidity. The working environment of PLC is not afraid of dryness, but it is really afraid of humidity. If the on-site humidity already has a condensation level, it is recommended not to use it to prevent problems such as short circuits.

Finally, there is the problem of electromagnetic interference. Do not use PLCs in areas where the interference is particularly serious, even if the equipment integrates isolation protection, do not take that risk.

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