1 Introduction
1.1 Functional overview
The GCAN-404 converter establishes a connection between a High-speed CAN-Bus (ISO 11898-2) and a Single-wire CAN-Bus (SAE J2411). A High-speed CAN-Bus use two signal line, which are CAN_H and CAN_L. However, a Single-wire CAN-Bus only use one signal line.

One of the most important potential applications of GCAN-404 is a simple connection between a High-speed CAN-Bus(e.g. USBCAN-II Pro) and a Single-wire CAN-Bus. With this converter, equipment that used Single-wire CAN-Bus can connect to a High-speed CAN-Bus without changing the hardware structure, this makes multi-Bus interconnection very flexible, and extends the application scope of a High-speed CAN-Bus.
1.2 Properties at a glance
High-speed CAN-Bus supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B frame format, conforms to ISO/DIS 11898 standards

High-speed CAN-Bus and Single-wire CAN-Bus support the baud rate of 33.33K(Normal) and 83.33K(High-speed)
CAN-Bus interface with electrical isolation
CAN-Bus isolation module insulation voltage: DC 1500V
Working temperature range from -40 to +85℃
Size: (L)63mm * (W)34mm * (H)19mm