1.  Introduction
1.1 Overview
The USBCAN-II Pro is a high-performance CAN-Bus adapter that integrates with the 2 CAN-Bus channel. Computer can connect to the CAN bus network quickly by USB interface, to achieve data collection and data processing for CAN-Bus. Support all of windows system.
The USBCAN-II Pro adapter is a professional tool with CAN-Bus product development and data analysis. The USBCAN-II Pro adapter integrates with electrical isolation protection module to protect USB and CAN ‘s interfaces,which can avoid the damage for equipment due to instantaneous over current or over voltage.
User can be supplied some convinient secondary development in VC, VB, Net, Delphi, Labview, c + + Builder and others.
USBCAN-II Pro adapter can use ECANTools testing software to realize CAN-Bus message receiving/transmitting and monitoring.
1.2 Performance
Computer interface : USB1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0
Integrate two-channels CAN-Bus interfaces, use plug-and-play connection
Support CAN2.0B, conform to ISO/DIS11898
CAN-Bus can be programmed, communication baud rate 5Kbps~1Mbps
USB power supply, or external voltage(DC+5V,130mA)
Electric isolation, insulation voltage of isolation module:DC1500V
Receive utmost data flow: 14000 FPS
Support Windows operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10,etc
Support ECAN Tools testing software
Working temperature:  -40.00°C ~ 85.00°C
Dimensions:95mm(L) * 65mm(W) * 26mm(H)
2. Installation
This chapter introduces the method connected to computer and some attentions first used.
2.1 Driver and software installation
Please ensure users account whether is administrator or has some permissons about installating driver and software before using it, otherwise it will be failed.
Automatic: Install “Ecantools-Setup-en”directly.
Manumotive: CD>Drive>DriverSetup. Exe/DriverSetup64. Exe>Install>Finish
2.2 Connect with computer and USB

2.2.1 USB supply power mode
USB supplying power mode: Computer connect to USBCAN-II Pro converter by incidental USB cable,conforming to majority application occasions.

PWR and SYS will be lighted
2.2.2 External power mode
External power(DC+5V,130mA) connect to USBCAN-II Pro converter’s power socket DC5V, Then, PC host connect to USBCAN-II Pro converter with incidental USB cable when USB interface unable to supply enough current to USBCAN-II Pro converter.
2.3 CAN-Bus connection
The USBCan-II Pro adapter has 2 channels, and it can connect 2 devices of CAN-Bus or CAN-Bus interface.
2.4 Terminal resistance connection
CAN – bus must be installed 120 ohms terminal resistance; If the node number greater than 2, intermediate nodes do not need to install 120 ohms terminal resistance. For branch connections, the length should not exceed 3 meters.
Attention: CAN-Bus cable CAN be used with ordinary twisted-pair and shielded twisted-pair.
The relationship between CAN bus length and baud rate.
2.5 System status indicator light
When the USBCan-II Pro is connected to the electricity, the four lights are also lit at the same time, then PWR and SYS are always bright, but CAN1 and CAN2 lamps are not bright, indicating that the equipment has been supplied and the system is initialized. Any issue you can email us: 2884881588@qq.com.
If SYS blinking but CAN1 or CAN2 indicator light is not on, indicating that no data in the CAN channel, please check whether the wiring, the communication baud rate, the matching resistance and so on are correct or not.