1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
The GCAN-208 converter has integrated two standard CAN-Bus interface, one fiber interface(Single mode, multi mode, SC, ST). GCAN-208 converter can build a connection between Fiber Bus and CAN-Bus. With this converter in pairs, users can easily extend the distance of CAN-Bus and eliminate the interference effectively. It can also prevent the bus from electromagnetic interference, ground loop interference and lightning strike.
1.2 Properties at a glance
Power supply: 9~30V(50mA, 24V DC)
Surge immunity level: ±1KV
Working temperature range from -40 to 85°C
Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% RH no condensation
Integrated 2 CAN-Bus interface with terminal
CAN-Bus signals include: CAN_H, CAN_L, CAN_GND
CAN-Bus supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B frame format, conform to ISO/DIS 11898 standards
CAN-Bus baud rates range from 5Kbps to 1Mbps, configured by DIP switch
CAN-Bus isolation converter insulation voltage: DC 1500V
Fiber interface: SC, ST optional
Fiber transmission mode: single mode, multi mode optional
Size: (L)121mm * (W)93mm * (H)22mm
2 Interface specification
GCAN-208 converter interface specification are shown in figure 2.1. After power up the converter, it will be work in the working state.