Integrated stepping servo belongs to the category of stepping servo. It is an industrial control execution structure commonly used in the field of automated production. Its operation can drive the movement of machines such as manipulators, conveyor belts, etc., so that automated production can be carried out.

The main body of the stepping servo is a stepping motor, which is much cheaper and simpler in structure than the permanent magnet synchronous AC motor. Of course, it is only suitable for use at low speeds, because its torque will gradually disappear at high speeds. Because it is a stepping servo, it will also have an encoder structure, often a single-turn absolute value encoder.

Integrated stepping servo is a kind of stepping servo. Instead of using distributed servo drivers, it combines small servo drivers with motors. It seems that it is only the size of one motor, which effectively saves installation space and can Integrate into places where distributed servos could not be integrated in the past.

At present, we have developed a variety of integrated stepping servos, including 42 and 57.

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