2. Device installation
2.1 Exterior

2.2 Interface

High-speed CAN terminal DB9 interface definition (female)
Single-wire CAN terminal DB9 interface definition (male)
2.2.1 Power supply
GCAN-404 does not need to add the power supply.
2.2.2 High-speed CAN termination resistor
GCAN-404 does not add termination resistor. If you need, please add it by yourself.
2.2.3 Single wire CAN connected to GND
Single-wire CAN terminal GND pin must be grounded.
2.2.4 Single wire CAN termination resistor
Single-wire CAN does not need to connect termination resistor.
3. Instructions for use
3.1 Running mode
The GCAN-404 supports normal mode (33.33Kbit/s) and high speed mode (83.33Kbit/s). Both modes can be switched automatically.
3.2 CAN-Bus baud rate
When the user uses GCAN-404, it is necessary to ensure that the baud rate of the High-speed CAN is consistent with that of the single-wire CAN. The most common single-wire CAN baud rate: 33.33Kbit/s, 83.33Kbit/s.