The Bus IO coupler is a typical slave tool. It can only be used with the master device, usually a controller such as a PLC.

We know that if PLC wants to achieve automatic control, it must first collect information, then calculate the data, and then export the calculation results. The process of PLC automation is the process of constantly repeating these three operations.
The above operations require several digital and analog quantities, input and output, and IO to realize. However, sometimes the local IO of the PLC is not enough, and we need to expand it. The easiest way is to connect the IO coupler through the Bus. The IO coupler also integrates many IO interfaces, and the PLC can fully use it. With the Bus IO coupler, as long as the scanning speed of the PLC is sufficient, the control ability can be greatly improved. This is true for the integral PLC and the combined PLC.

Our company produces a variety of Bus IO couplers, and the supported communication Bus types include CANopen, modBus, ethercat, Profinet, etc., both integral and combined. If you need equipment information, please click here to consult us.

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