Devices such as the EPEC2024 controller and display screen is difficult to wire. How can they communication with each other by CAN data? Let me introduce you a solution.
GCAN-211 is a high-performance CAN to WIFI converter integrated 2-way CAN interface, 1-channel Ethernet interface and 1-channel WiFi interface. With the GCAN-211 high-performance CAN to WIFI card, users can easily complete the interconnection and intercommunication between CAN-bus network and WiFi network, further expanding the scope of CAN-bus network.
GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI converter has two working modes of WiFi: AP mode, in which the device will become a WiFi hotspot waiting for other devices to connect; Station mode, in this mode the device will automatically try and connect a pre-set WiFi hotspot.
Configure GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI bus converter:
It is necessary to configure one of the devices to change the working mode and the corresponding baud rate of CAN (device B). The other device only need to be configured the baud rate of CAN on the basis of the factory configuration.

Configuration steps: 1. Configure the network segment as 192.168.1.xx.
2. Connect device B and PC with network cable, open CANWifi-Config software, IP select (default cannot be changed) to enter the configuration software, as Figure 1:

Figure 1 Configure Software
Click Upload
Figure 2 Configure interface
Then modify the parameters as Figure 3, Figure 4, Figure 5.
Figure 3 Configure interface
Figure 4 Configure interface
Figure 5 Configure interface
Click the Download to power on the device again, as shown in Figure 6. Then the CAN to WIFI converter is configured successfully.
Figure 6 Configuration saved successfully
Note: The device should be powered on again after configuration.
With wo GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI converters, two CAN devices can be connected in a situation where wiring is difficult, so that they can communicate with each other wirelessly.